HPVelotechnik Recumbents

HPVelotechnik are a German manufacturer of recumbent bikes and trikes, they make a wide range from race trikes to round-the-world tourers to special mobility trikes and hand cycles!

Scorpion: The Scorpion trikes all have aluminium frames and rear suspension, but there’s a wide range of models, some with folding frames, some with full suspension, some for racing, some for touring, some for people with special needs.
Gekko: The Gekko trikes are simpler, with no suspension, but most have a clever folding system to let them pack down and roll like a suitcase.
Streetmachine: The Streetmachine started as a full-suspension touring bike 30 years ago, and that’s still what it is – they’ve evolved and changed, but the basic design is the same, a comfortable tourer that can carry a lot of luggage, and can take you to work or around the world.
Grasshopper: With a folding frame, the Grasshopper can pack away into a corner or car boot, but it’s still a very capable bike for touring, commuting or leisure rides – it has full suspension of course.
Speedmachine: The Speedmachine is HP’s lowest, fastest bike, but it’s no race-only machine that’s impractical on the road. With rear or full suspension it’s comfortable, and it can be built as a fast road bike, or a full touring bike.

In 1993, Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller launched HPVelotechnik with the Streetmachine, a full-suspension short-wheelbase touring recumbent that was way ahead of most other recumbents out there – it was fast AND comfortable!

In 1995, one of the first Streetmachines came to the UK to be in the Encyclopaedia catalogue, and I bought it afterwards – it was one of the first demonstrators I had when I started Kinetics in 1998 (this leaflet is from about 1996, when I was doing things part-time in my garage).

So we’ve been HPVelotechnik dealers from the beginning…

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