Hase Recumbents

Hase are based in an old mine lamp factory in Waltrop, Germany, where they make a range of recumbent trikes and tandems – including arm-powered and mobility adaptions and electric-assist trikes.

Kettwiesel – a range of delta trikes, some folding, some with full suspension, some with electric assistance, and even one arm-powered version.

Pino – An upright / recumbent tandem, very versatile and comfortable – the front can carry anyone from a child to an adult, you can both see where you’re going, and it even splits for transport. It can also convert to a cargo bike.

Trigo – A simple, affordable and very adaptable tricycle, available with underseat or overseat steering, and lots of options like electric assistance.

Lepus – a trike with a higher seating position for excellent visibility, and it’s also very easy to get in and out of – an electric version is also available.

Trets – a tricycle for children with special needs, it can be ridden independently or towed behind an adult’s bike.

Trix – a special needs tricycle for larger people, it’ll fit anyone from 4’1″ to 6’3″.


Download the Hase catalogue


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