Folding Bikes

We’ve always got a few customised Bromptons in the shop to try out – at the moment it’s a Brompton with Kindernay gearing and disc brakes, and a Rohloff MTBrompton – plus Birdy and Hummingbird demonstrators.

Custom Brompton FoldersBrompton: We build customised Brompton folders, with different wheel sizes, Rohloff, Alfine or Enviolo gearing, disc brakes or belt drives.

See lots of examples in the Gallery Of Custom Builds.
Birdy Folding BikesBirdy: Riese & Müller’s Birdy folding bikes are aluminium full-suspension folders with disc brakes and the ability to carry up to four panniers.
Hummingbird Folding BikesHummingbird: The ultra-light composite Hummingbird weighs from 7kg, or a bit over 10kg for an electric assist version.
Custom Frames With BTCsS&S Bicycle Torque Couplings: The BTCs can be fitted to most steel frames – retrofitted or new builds – to make a full-size bike into a separable bike for travel.