Brompton Pannier Rack


The Brompton pannier solutions are very good, but what if you want to carry normal panniers or share luggage with other bikes? This pannier rack is the answer – it fits to the same front luggage block as the Brompton panniers and can hold two conventional front or rear panniers.

It is made from one loop of 10mm stainless steel for strength. The handle lets you remove the rack and both panniers in one go.

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This is how it looks loaded up on the bike:


19 Replies to “Brompton Pannier Rack”

    1. No, my pannier rack is only for normal panniers, not Brompton bags – but of course you can unclip it and use a Brompton bag with its own frame.

  1. How does it feel to ride having so much weight at the front? I have a Travoy trailer attached to my Brompton so knows how it feels to drag a heavy load from the rear.

  2. Hi, I’ve got two questions on this when attached to an S type: 1) Does the bike still fold ok with the rack attached? 2) How does it ride with just 1 pannier attached? I’m used to riding with one on the back of a ‘normal’ bike for comparison. Thanks

    1. Yes, it still folds, though as with the Brompton bag it’s easier if it is unclipped before folding, and it depends how stuffed the bag is. With one pannier, it is very similar to having just one pannier on the back – A slight lean when you’re wheeling the bike, unnoticeable when riding.

    1. Depends what you put in the panniers 😉 I would recommend using front panniers, but the weight limit is quite conservative.

    1. I haven’t tried with those panniers, but it works with most rear panniers as long as they don’t extend too far above the hooks.

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