Custom Brompton Order Form

S-type Rohloff Brompton (£2245)
M-type Rohloff Brompton (£2245)
P-type Rohloff Brompton (£2245)
H-type Rohloff Brompton (£2245)

S-type Alfine 8 Brompton (£1475)
M-type Alfine 8 Brompton (£1475)
P-type Alfine 8 Brompton (£1475)
H-type Alfine 8 Brompton (£1475)

S-type Alfine 11 Brompton (£1545)
M-type Alfine 11 Brompton (£1545)
P-type Alfine 11 Brompton (£1545)
H-type Alfine 11 Brompton (£1545)

S-type NuVinci Brompton (£1475)
M-type NuVinci Brompton (£1475)
P-type NuVinci Brompton (£1475)
H-type NuVinci Brompton (£1475)

Colour / Frame Material:

Brushed stainless rear triangle (£0) 
The Raw Lacquer and Stardust Black can only be ordered together.

Mudguards and Rack:

Mudguards (+£55)
Mudguards & Brompton Rack (+£115)
Mudguards & Integral Rack (+£145)*

Gear Shifter:

Cinq5 Thumbshifters (for Rohloff bikes only) (+£275)
Di2 Electronic Shifting (for Alfine bikes only) (+£500)
Jtek thumbshifter 8-speed (for Alfine bikes only) (+£50)
Jtek thumbshifter 11-speed (for Alfine bikes only) (+£70)
(J-Tek or Di2 strongly recommended for M and H bar Alfine bikes)


Chain drive
Belt drive (+£395)

Seat Height:

Telescopic (+£38)


Brompton saddle
Brooks B17 Special – Mens (+£55)
Brooks B17 Special – Ladies (+£55)


Brompton Kevlar
Schwalbe Marathon (+£10)
Schwalbe Kojak (+£20)
Schwalbe Marathon Plus (+£30)
Schwalbe Big Apple (+£50)*
(Big Apple tyres are 16 x 2″, will only work with disc brakes)

Rear suspension:



Standard Brompton calipers
Cable disc brakes (TRP Spyre) (+£565)*
Cable/hydro disc brakes (TRP Spyre, HY/RD) (+£585)*
Hydraulic disc brakes (Hope Race Evo X2) (+£695)*


No lighting
Battery lights (+£30)
Shimano hub dynamo (non disc) (+£90)
SON hub dynamo (non disc) (+£325)
SON disc hub dynamo, Edelux 80-lux front light, LED rear (+£400)*


Front luggage:
Rack sack (£70) Cover (£15) B-bag (£140) 

*Disc brakes and integral rear racks cannot be fitted to titanium frames.

Ready to order? Click the button below to go to the next stage. Don’t worry – you can take things off again if the total is too scary, and don’t forget to tell me what colour frame you want 😉

11 Responses

  1. darby grey says:

    Are you currently receiving the newest handlebar and stem design models just released in the last few weeks on the Brompton website. The new stock shifters (and bell) are part of the brake lever assemblies now. Everything is one unit. How do you work around this. Could I use the existing thumb shifters for the Rohloff or would I need to replace everything–with Cing5 and new brake levers. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello, yes, a bike ordered now will have the new handlebars and stem. The Brompton shifters can’t be used, the choice is the Rohloff shifter or Cinq5 shifters as usual. The original levers (with integrated bell) can be kept if you go for rim brakes or cable disc brakes.

      • darby grey says:

        Oh yes I see. Looks like it defaults to a 1 speed Brom on your order form without the shifters as part of the brake/bell assembly. Very good. Thank you.

  2. Matt says:

    Hi are you able to do the ‘black edition’ all black extremities with a custom build? Interested in the rohloff set up with either a nickel plated or bronze main frame, but would want everything else bar that black. Thanks

    • admin says:

      I can do a lot of things in black – frame extremities, rims (either the Sun ones with silver sidewalls or all black powdercoated) cranks, bars, clamps. The seatpost is trickier as it can’t be anodised, but there’s a black titanium post available.

  3. Tar says:

    If I choose titanium in CUSTOM BROMPTON ORDER FORM, Is the rear triangle titanium?

  4. Jus says:

    Hi !
    Is there a “Belt Drive Transmission Kit” dedicated blog page is coming soon ? (or an article with some informations about it)

  5. Gerrer Jérôme says:

    Are prices with or off taxes ? Thanks

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