16-speed Brompton

16-speed Brompton, originally uploaded by Ben Cooper.

With a Sturmey Archer 8-speed hub in the back and a Mountain Drive in the front, it’s got an enormous gear range…

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2 Responses

  1. Marcus Hunt says:

    looks great! Could you tell me:
    Does MD add weight?
    Does the new hub weigh more than brompton 6spd?
    Is there a new 325% SA hub? Could a cack-hander(me)really fit your kit himself?

  2. Ben says:

    I’m not very good with weights 😉 At a guess, the MD adds about 200g, and the 8-speed is about 100g geavier than the 6-speed.

    There’s a new verison of the 8-speed on the way – I think I’ll have a delivery after the New Year. If you can change a back puncture on your Brompton, you can fit the kit…

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