Tadpole or Delta Trike?

It’s a common question – which is the better kind of trike? The answer isn’t so easy – both configurations have their advantages and disadvantages:



  • Simple drive system – a normal chainset at the front with a chain leading through to normal rear wheel gearing.
  • Very stable, you sit right in the middle of all three wheels.
  • Can carry normal panniers alongside the rear wheel.
  • You can see how wide it is when riding, for narrow gaps.


Kettwiesel train

  • Very manoeuvrable – the front wheel can turn through about 80 degrees to either side, so it can almost turn in its own length.
  • Very easy to get onto and off – you can sit down first, then swing your leg over. Access from a wheelchair is simple.
  • More complex drive system, with single-sided drive to one rear wheel or a differential to drive both, sometimes with mid-mounted gearbox gearing.
  • Less stable when cornering fast.

Four-Person Bicycle


This was a rush job – a four-person bike built in two weeks for a marketing roadshow.


It had S&S couplings fitted to make it a little easier to transport, and a beefy stand to hold it upright with four people sitting on it.


Colin’s Tandem Trike

Colin wanted a tandem tricycle, but using a standard Rohloff hub gear, in a tadpole instead of a delta configuration for stability.

Tandem tricycle

The frame was made out of Columbus steel tubing, triangulated and braced for stability.

Tandem tricycle

Tandem tricycle

Tandem tricycle

Gavin’s Racerunner


Gavin’s Racerunner was built from thin-wall Columbus Gara tubing, for a frame weight of around 4kg, and a total built-up weight of under 10kg.


The frame was built on a custom jig to be perfectly straight, and has adjustable fore and aft positioning of the saddle, and adjustable chest plate using a seatpost.


A series of axle inserts allow different wheels to be used, and the camber can also be adjusted.


Cost was £1500 for the frame, inserts, painting and assembly.

Scottish Independence

As I’m sure most people have noticed, there’s a wee referendum going on in Scotland on September. BikeBiz magazine, the trade paper for the UK bike trade, published an article about the issue with quotes from some Scottish bike businesses which I thought was a bit one-sided so I wrote this piece, and BikeBiz have kindly amended the article.

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Bike Parts By Drone


Proving yet again that Kinetics is at the cutting edge of bicycle technology, we are proud to announce that we are the first bike shop in the World to offer parts delivery by drone!*

Using our German-designed, Scottish-built drone we can deliver bike parts to cyclists in need anywhere!**

*Up to a limit of 1kg
**Within a range of 100yds

Heinzmann Half Voltage

Heinzmann controllers are clever – they often use a half voltage tap from half- way along a battery pack to monitor the cells. This causes problems when you try to fit a new lithium battery to an old controller.

To disable the half voltage detection, simplest way is to bridge a diode on the circuit board. These pictures show you which one to bridge, depending on whether your control board is surface mount or not: